Never under estimate the value of connecting with emotions

Never under estimate the value of connecting with emotions
Never under estimate the value of connecting with emotions

In the world of marketing, particularly in the financial sector, you’ll often see content focused around the features of a financial vehicle.  You’ll notice an element of trying to relate to an aspirational future, particularly in the retirement sector, but if often misses the mark in connecting with the intended audience to the point of getting them to take action.

Getting people to save enough for their future, for their retirement income, is a long standing problem.  How do we get people to put enough away today, to help them at retirement?  Future generations don’t have the luxury of the defined benefit pensions that were available in the past, and as the ageing population continues to grow it’s imperative that individuals take more responsibility for their future selves than before.

The UK government has introduced Auto Enrolment as a way of encouraging more people to start saving for their retirement, but it’s not enough.  So what can be done?

Recently there have been some rather lovely videos outside of the sector I believe we can learn from in terms of how to connect.  Chances are you’ll have seen the latest Heineken advert:

Released on the 20th April, it’s already reached over 11,600,000 views on youtube.  The video is exceptional at demonstrating how we can connect with others, despite some opinions being polar opposite.  Finding a way to connect to and relate to someone that given another approach, never could have happened.

Another wonderful piece of film, by Asger Leth, demonstrating a similar view point was released on facebook Jan 30th this year, and has attracted over 40 million views.  Again, if you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend you take the 3 minutes to do so.  This film depicts, despite several differences, the Danish people have more in common with each other, than not.

In a modern day world where it seems everywhere we look it’s ‘them’ against ‘us’, these videos showing a connection to ‘we’ have tugged at the hearts of so many.

Here is the really interesting thing, as much as we can sometimes struggle to connect with others, the same is true with being able to connect with who we are today and our future selves.  As Daniel Pink shares in his book “To Sell is Human”

…research has shown that “thinking about the future self elicits neural activation patterns that are similar to neural activation patterns elicited by thinking about a stranger.” Envisioning ourselves far into the future is extremely difficult— so difficult, in fact, that we often think of that future self as an entirely different person.

If we helped people to connect with their future self it will go along way to getting them to take action today to help their future selves, and as behavioural sciences continue their giant leaps forward, we can look to this research as inspiration for our marketing in the financial sector, as Prudential have embraced so well.  I’ll leave you to enjoy these two videos.

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