Combining content marketing with social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and others the Financial Social Media UK team have developed proven, compliant systems that deliver results.  Whether you’re a Financial planner, adviser, wealth manager, provider, bank, investment house, network, mortgage broker, insurance agent, platform, or professional body, we’re here to help.
Social media isn’t a stand-alone medium and nor are we

How we work

Our first step is to understand what it is you’re looking to achieve through social media.

Sometimes you’ll come to us with a clear understanding of what you want to accomplish, other times it’ll be an idea that could use a little more exploring.  That’s just fine, we’ll help you.

Then we’ll listen and understand you so we can offer a range of options to ensure that you and your brand get what you really need from us.  You’ll get some specific ideas of the ways that we believe we can help, as well as some strategic thinking of how to achieve your goals.  If you like what we have to say then we’ll start to put together a proposal for you.  We’ll take into account what’s most important to you; the areas where you’ll need some guidance and support from us as well as helping to determine your budget and resources.  After all, there’s little point putting together a strategy and plan for you if it doesn’t match the resources you have to be able to make it a reality. But don’t let lack of resources restrict your plans as we could help you with that too!

Our team of marketing specialists will work with you to make sure you’ve got everything covered with your Social Media and marketing, so that it’s seamlessly integrated with any of your existing or planned marketing activity.  Here’s an idea of our areas of expertise:

  • Ideas generation
  • Highlighting and seizing opportunities
  • Establishing and managing Policy
  • Optimising Social Profiles
  • Social Media Training
  • Social Media Compliance
  • Lead Capture
  • Campaign and Social Management
  • Audience Engagement
  • Online Communities
  • PR
  • Campaign and Social Measurement

Why work with us?

If social media is going to make an impact on your brand, it’s important that you have content that will stimulate interest and encourage engagement with your customers.

That’s why we’ve hand-picked experts in their field to work alongside us, effortlessly complementing you and your team. We all have a thorough understanding of the insurance and protection distribution models, product offering, technology platforms, business and sales processes.

This level of this knowledge could only come from within the financial community, so we’ve got financial experts and ‘creative types’ to work together.  It’s this knowledge that helps us to provide you with the unique insights into the working practices of providers, advisers and the motivations of consumers.  We can help you to combine these insights with social media activity.  It’s this experience which has led us to help provider, retail and adviser brands build powerful commercial relationships with their customers.

We understand your market

Investments are bought, planning has to be sold. Our job is to help you locate your existing customers as well as prospective customers for you to sell your services to.

What makes you different? The hard truth is that companies get paid to sell. To the consumers everyone’s broadly the same. We’ll help to distil what makes your company different and then maximise the key differentiator(s) through the social channels.

People buy from people they like. We all know people prefer to buy from people they trust and respect. People trust in friends’ recommendations on social networking sites (66%). Interestingly, friends’ recommendations on social networking sites are trusted far more by people aged 18-24 (75%) than those over 65 (54%). Advocates and supporters of your brand can help to improve brand salience and unprompted willingness to recommend.

Location, Location, Location. Some 60% of people who say they buy financial products, for example, spend more than a day online researching their decision.  You need to be where your customers expect you to be. Digital experiences create customers. The overwhelming majority of consumers who actively engage with a brand in digital fashion are much more inclined to purchase products and recommend the brand to others.

Rebuilding trust. Sadly, the majority (66%) trust banks less than they did five years ago. Asked what online banks could do to enhance trust with customers and the public, customers named security, communication and transparency as the three biggest issues.  Yes, your customers want to share valid, personal conversations with you – what better way than through Social media channels?

Influencing people’s buying decisions positively. We know it’s difficult to change peoples’ minds. Most brands don’t even try to change their customers’ minds. Instead they focus on identifying segments of customers who already want to buy from them.  We can help you identify where these key segments of customers are online, and we can then target them with engaging and valid content and influence prospects to make purchasing decisions.

Education as a key tool in helping prospective customers. If people don’t know why they need financial help, they’re highly unlikely to buy it. We help to identify key touch points in your customer’s lifecycle (i.e. mortgage, marriage, the birth of a child) and help you to maximise the opportunities to reinforce the your brand with personalised, thought-provoking content and communications.

Letting customers see why your products are the right ones for them. Social channels can make it easier for your customers to do business with you and improve your customer experience.  We work with firms to help to develop ongoing dialogue with their customers, so they are at the forefront of their customer’s mind when they need next help with their finances.

Source: ICM Research interviewed a sample of 752 adults aged 18+ using an online method between 27 January and 1 February 2010. Interviews were conducted across the country and the results have been weighted to the profile of all adults. ICM is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.


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