Social media is anywhere on the web where people and businesses can easily communicate in an interactive manner.  Where people can comment, like, share, express their opinions and thoughts, give feed back, write reviews, make recommendations, learn, get to know more about a person or business, topic or hobby and most importantly CONNECT.  In the future people will just refer to social media as online.

20% - 30% of all online activity is on social networks

So why do so many people think social media is just facebook or LinkedIn?

The reason these social networks get so much attention is because they take up so much of our online activity.  In fact it’s over taken from porn now.  (Which interestingly both men and women find unbelievable but for polar reasons).  20% of all online activity is spent on social networks, and this goes up to 30% if we’re using our mobile devices.

Social media has allowed consumers to move into a relationship business, buying from companies they feel a connection with.  They’re no longer interested in a transactional business model, certainly not loyal customers.

The question to ask is not how your business can DO social, but rather:

    • How can your business BE social?

If you’re going to embrace the philosophy of being social and to serve your community, the first question to ask yourself is:

    • Who is my community?

The next questions to ask, once you’ve established who your community is, are:

    • Where are they?
    • How do they like or want to interact with us?

You’ll find the answer is usually across multiple channels, eg your website, on social platforms, in forums, from their desktops, on the go on their phone, via their tablet, through email, telephone and in person. So it’s important that your social media strategy is linked and incorporated across all other marketing and communication channels. If you think in terms of your audience, your community needs first and your business needs second, you’ll already be leaps ahead of the competition.  As corny as it might sound, you’ll never go far wrong if you…..

“..ask not what social media can do for your business, but what you can do for your clients and your community through social media”

Then you’ll find you’ll build a loyal following of fans and advocates who will do alot of your marketing for you.  This is exceptionally powerful when you consider it’s what others say about your product or service that really influences others.  Not what you say about yourself.

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